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Who is STi?

STi Offers Premium International Long Distance and Mobile Top Up Services

A Little About Our History

We help people stay connected and progressing together. Over the last two decades the STi name and logo have developed into one of the most well-known and trusted brands for connecting families and providing top-quality international long distance services at great rates. The STi phone cards are known for their worldwide range, their high quality, excellent customer service and their great value. STi products are designed with one thing in mind: connecting people with their loved ones. We cover every corner of the world, including Mexico, the rest of Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Pacific Rim. STi offers great prepaid calling cards, pinless connections and domestic and international top-up services.

Fun Facts

Since March 2015!

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Why Choose STi?

6 Reasons Why We Are The Best


Great commissions on International Long Distance sales & Top Ups!


More minutes for your customers than the competition with clear and uninterrupted connections anywhere across the world anytime, everyday.


The STi brand is well known and used by millions of phone card customers all over America.

Cards and Portal

A pinless portal to sell long distance calling with just a phone number, plus colorful paper cards for those that want one.


We work with you to support and promote your business via our customer service line, our portal support, or through our network of agents across the country.

Buy Cards Online

Order cards on this site or in our pinless portal to keep up your stock of calling cards. Quick shipments mean you can add cards as you need them.

Our Services

We Support Your Business

Mobile Top Ups

Use the portal or our top-up cards to add funds to the prepaid mobile phones of your customers' friends and families here in the USA, or wherever they are in the world. Safe, simple and done!

International Long Distance

The clear lines that deliver smooth, uninterrupted conversations, and if you add to that, low rates and excellent customer service, it simply means you can't provide your customers with a better connection to those they care about the most.


Our pinless portal makes it faster and easier than ever to connect your customers with the people they love using just their phone number. No PIN's, just more time to talk!

"Our partner stores are trusted places where customers come for a connection to their home country. STi is a trusted brand our partners appreciate because it has been providing customers with quality international calls for over a decade."

(Thomas Lynch, CEO)


We Make Our Customers Happy

"Easy to Navigate and Use"

My experience on STiprepaid.com was great! I really liked the fact that I can add time to my customer’s phone and his father who lives in Mexico. STiprepaid.com was so easy to navigate and use. The instructions were very clear, and the terms and conditions were short and to the point. I'm glad I was able to save my information for future use. I felt it was secure to use my debit card because of the security features and the commissions are better than other services. I will definitely keep using this service in the future to add funds to my customers’ cell phones."

A. Esclusa

"Great Service and Commission"

I like the way this service simplifies the purchase of airtime to cell phones in Mexico, the page is well designed, I mean, It didn't take me more than 3 minutes to sign-up to be a seller. There is nothing to dislike. I would definitely use it in the future; most of my customers are Mexican and have their services with Iusacell. And StiPrepaid.com offers a great service and commission structure. Thank you!

A. Avelleyra

"Simple Solution"

STiprepaid.com seems like a simple solution to add minutes to customer’s cell phones. It's easy, convenient and the site is pretty easy to navigate. The thing I like the most about STiprepaid.com is that it is quick and easy to add money to a cell phone. My employees can process many transactions in minutes. And the high commissions are not too shabby. Thank you!

L. Betchtel

"These Are Very Exciting Times"

We invested a lot of time in designing a product for our retailers that would be so simple and fast to use, that basically would not need any training to start using. But still provide a modern and fully functional portal. Allowing our customers to focus on what they like to do which is sell to their customers. These are very exiting times, where we see the STi brand come stronger than ever.

H. Karimov

"Quality You Can Rely On"

The STi brand equals quality that you can rely on - we are committed to continue bringing products and services with the best possible quality and with our consumers always in mind…

D. Gil

"Start of A New Revolution"

The new STi portal is so simple to use and with its very competitive international long distance minutes offered to Countries around the world, it will be start of a new revolution!

M. Krens

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